Stephen D. Naiser, Custom Grass Planting is the oldest and most established custom grass planter in Texas, serving ranchers for over 30 years. You can trust Stephen and his crews to help you establish your land and pastures to assure you the most profit and best use of your land and investment in it!

new planterEvery successful rancher knows that good pastures are the basis for good cattle, not to mention the role of cultivating grasses to best preserve our land and wildlife as well.  Starting his business with, and specializing in, planting grasses for cattle and hay production, (specifically improved Bermuda grass, such as Jiggs Bermuda & Tifton 85), Steve has kept up with the changing dynamics of rural land usage. He also will plant the seed of your choice with the most up to date precision planting equipment available.  The last 20 years have seen a shift in much of Texas land to hunting and recreation, as well as one of Texas’ great gifts – oil & gas exploration, (and now windmills), and the needs that accompany these endeavors. Stephen D. Naiser CGP is a full service “Grass Business”, not only offering various services and sorts of grasses; but, specializing in consulting with landowners on how to best choose grasses, plant, cultivate, and use their land, as well as helping re-claim lands after mineral exploration.

Stephen stays current on all aspects of everything involved with grass! He works with Texas A&M University, Ceasar Kleberg Wildlife Institute, Extension agents, and the NRCS, exploring new ideas, as well as educating others at field days and such, helping fellow land owners to gain knowledge of how to best utilize their ranches for their own specific needs.

Steve’s reputation and business extends throughout the Southwestern United States, operating in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  Steve has been contracted to plant and consult large acreages as far as Arizona, being the only grass planter to be licensed to cross state lines with grass into New Mexico and Arizona.  Fields are never too big or too small to merit from Stephen’s expertise, and his crews are ready to meet your needs.

If you are learning more about our operation, Stephen can be contacted at 979-533-2.554, or at the headquarters at 361-547-6414.


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