The custom grass planting service includes the provision of the grass, the machines, and the labor involved in the planting process.  The customer must provide a tractor with a minimum of 50 horsepower, one hydraulic remote, and fuel.  The land must also be properly prepared beforehand.

Once the customer selects the type of grass, the process of planting begins.


Many land owners contact SDN Custom Grass Planting, looking for different ideas and methods of improving their pasture land. SDN has many years of experience in this field and is willing to share its thoughts and opinions with you.


Living in Texas has brought a great appreciation and understanding of the importance of moisture!   At times, Mother Nature obviously does not cooperate with our “best laid plans”; but, we have found many ways to work around these droughts that so often plagued Texas.   A good water well and irrigation system can allow you to keep a good crop of grass going, and sustain your cattle during a drought, (often for less expense than  feeding).    Benefits of water are not only for the short term; but, often can save pastures entirely, that would otherwise be lost entirely in one of the severe droughts, preventing having to potentially re-plant entire pastures.

We have many years of experience working with all different sorts of irrigation and the equipment needed to implement these systems.   We have worked with everything from huge pivots,  to drip irrigation or  flood irrigation., with enormous  wells and smaller  ones.  There are lots of very creative ways to irrigate, and often even re-work old wells that seemingly are not useable.   Experience has taught us much, and we want to help pass that onto you!

Stephen can consult with you on the best type of irrigation for your land, and help supply the needed equipment and personnel to get it set up and running . It is a great feeling to know that with the flip of a switch you can get that water on the ground, and pastures staying green.  Irrigation is certainly not a substitute for the best gift of Mother Nature – rain; but, it can go a long ways in helping to keep moisture in the soil, and satisfy the needs of landowners in rough times!    Please let us talk with you on how we can get you set up for irrigating and keeping your pastures healthy even in drought times.