There are various methods one can use for planting or seeding, including broadcasting, or precision drilling, the method chosen depending upon a number of variables.  Precision planting is the method Stephen Naiser Custom Grass utilizes for improved Bermuda grasses.   This involves a machine that incorporates four steps, resulting in far superior results over traditional broadcasting.

The Precision Planting Method:

1)    Opens a furrow.

2)    Drops in the tops of grass.

3)    Closes the furrow.

4)    Compacts the soil over the grass. 

Benefits of This Method Are:

1)    Approximately 90% of the tops grow.

2)    Using this method, the grass planted will often remain viable for up to 3 months with no rain.

3)    The cost of planting is about half the cost of broadcasting, with no loss of spriggs left on top of ground. (This cost depends upon the number of acres, location, ground condition, and type of grass planted.)


Whatever type of seeding you need, there are many reasons for planting seed grasses.  If it is for erosion control, hunting, restoring native pastures for wildlife, or re-claiming land after exploration or damages, clients can  either direct us as to their choices of seed grasses, or  we can help determine the best choices for their needs.    Again, much depends upon the type of soil you have, the time of year, and a number of variables.   Stephen is an avid hunter and rancher, this combined with years of personal experience, as well as work with extension agents, wildlife institutions, and research facilities have given Stephen a unique perspective on this aspect of grass planting. 

Again, precision planting is the chosen method here; although different equipment is used to implement this type of planting.  Using a state of the art, no till seeder, seed is precision drilled into the ground.   

Benefits of This Seeding Method Are:

1)    It is especially calibrated to allow the exact amount to be planted; therefore, ensuring no waste.

2)    Seed is placed consistently at the chosen depth.

3)    Seed tubes allow for two different types of seed to be planted at the same time, both native grass seed and small seed.

All of this ensures the customer of the best outcome possible for their planting dollar.  Cost, again, depends upon type of seed, size of acreage, and geographic location.




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